It only took 6 years . . . that’s all!!

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The year was 2006, Saddam Hussein had been found guilty, Bill Callahan won his only Big 12 division title, and Devin was in 6th grade. Devin, like many kids who are involved with Campus Life, came from a rough family and had never attended church . . . well at least not enough to hear about God.

Don Talley Speaks on the 2012 Ski Trip
From Campus Life Photos

At that time Trey Ottley was on part-time staff and still in college. God put Devin on Trey’s heart and they began hanging out. Eventually, Devin joined a small group that Trey led. For 6 years Trey has talked to Devin about Christ. For 6 years they have shared life’s struggles. For 6 years Devin has continually rejected or misunderstood his need for a savior.

That is, until last week. Devin is now a senior in high school and attended on the annual Campus Life ski trip, a trip that has historically been a real turning point for hundreds of students God has entrusted us with. And, even though it was probably Devin’s 10th Campus Life trip, he truly heard and understood the Gospel.

God had finally, after 6 years of pursuit and faithful Bible teaching, softened Devin’s heart to hear and understand the Good News of Jesus Christ! Celebrate with us over this life redeemed as well as the other 10 students who gave their life to Jesus Christ on this year’s annual ski trip!

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