Introducing our loving God to hurting kids

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Sandra is a freshman who recently called asking me if I could come pick her up and hang out. I hadn’t heard from Sandra in several months, and I was very excited she wanted to get together. Sandra shared with me that she has recently been getting in trouble for drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and engaging in risky behaviors with boys. My heart broke for Sandra. She told me that she acts the way she does because her family already tells her that she’s not good enough and is too much to handle anyways. She told me she just wants to feel genuine love and knew that Campus Life has helped her feel that way in the past.

I’m meeting regularly with Sandra to talk about her decisions and to show her what God intends love to look like. Sandra doesn’t know what love from a boy, a friend, or even a parent is supposed to be like, but she knows that she’s not happy with the life she has been living. Working for Campus Life allows me to introduce our loving God to hurting girls like Sandra.

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