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Posted on by YFC Lincoln

A student who has faithfully been part of a Campus Life club since starting 6th grade at Irving Middle School recently posted the following on Facebook: 

"Can't believe it! tonite was my last club as a high schooler for Campus Life. I am so thankful for the friends I have made through Campus Life and the bond I have created with people because of my youth group. I am also thankful for such caring people like the leaders and for being my shoulder to cry on when needed and just a second person that I know is always there for me. I can't wait for camp with everyone and to be a volunteer for middle school Campus Life next year!"

We're humbled and honored to serve these boys and girls who mature into young men and ladies over the years they're in Campus Life. It's very rewarding to be part of the positive relationships forged through the ministry of Campus Life. All you who give to Campus Life, Parent Life, and JJM are part of creating this safe community for our students. We all need each other. No one can go it alone. Thank you for investing with us.

How thrilling it is when those who have benefitted from the community of Campus Life themselves make it a priority to offer that same support to the next generation of Campus Lifers.  Our ministry doesn't just stop when a student graduates high school. The relationships continue, and we invest in our volunteers. A special internship program is also available for college-age students who would like to explore ministry as a vocation. Get more details about our Leadership Academy.

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