If the Marriage Is Broken, the Kids Don’t Need to Be

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Divorce, while unfortunate, is a fact of life for millionsof families. So what should you do if you’re a divorceddad? Well, the answer issimple: You must do whatever it takes to stay totally involvedwith your kids.

Sadly, far too many dads go missing in action aftertheir divorce. They may provide financial support andthen suppose that their parenting responsibilities havebeen fulfilled. But of course, nothing could be furtherfrom the truth.

Children of divorced parents need heaping helpingsof support, for obvious reasons. So if you’re a divorcedfather, don’t let anything or anybody deter you from yourparental responsibilities. Your children need you now,perhaps more than ever.

If you are married to the mother of your children,then the first step in developing a healthy relationshipwith your kids is to love your wife. You are demonstrating,through your marriage relationship the kind of personyou are, and the kind of person you would like themto become. Treating their mother well by being loving,patient, and respectful will be a strong example that willimpact their view of what a healthy marriage should be.

I’ve heard it said that if you want to know what typeof husband a young man will be, look at his father. Andif you want to know what type of wife a girl will be, lookat her mother. That’s often a very accurate indicator. Asparents we need to ask ourselves, “Are we modeling thetype of men and women, husbands and wives we want both straightforward andour children to be as adults?” For the sake of your children,love their mom. Date her too. A strong marriageis the best foundation on which to build a family witheffective parenting.

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