I felt very loved and like I belong.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Danni and her two sisters showed up at YFCamp this past July hardly knowing anyone. They started off the week very quiet and kept to themselves, but by the end of the third day, they were dancing and singing songs while waiting for club to start.

The lives of these three girls are difficult to say the least; all three sisters have different last names and live in two different homes.

At the end of the week, the middle of the three sisters stood up, and with her teddy bear in her arms said, “This week I felt very loved, and like I belong… and I don’t get a lot of that at home.”

We were glad to provide a safe place for these three girls for the week, but even more exciting than that was the chance they had to hear and respond to the Gospel. Two of the sisters made a commitment to Christ that week!


Matt Schulte


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