Homeless, four months pregnant

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Luke and Brandy were together for less than one month before they got pregnant. At four months pregnant, they were homeless, living in a motel. This was last summer. Brandy was going into her senior year at Lincoln High, but felt hopeless, to the point of being suicidal. Thankfully, Brandy got a hold of Julie Strode’s phone number and reached out to Julie for help. This started a relationship with the Parent Life staff that became the pivot point of Luke and Brandy’s story.

Luke and Brandy showed up at a Parent Life Bible study and didn’t seem to be paying any attention to Kyle Lindgren as he shared the story of Hosea. But they were. They soaked up the story of coming back to your first love, and they have been seeking God ever since. They attended Parent Life all last year and got close with Kyle and Chelsea, a Parent Life staff couple. After having their baby boy, they dedicated him to God at their church. This summer, Brandy graduated high school, and two weeks later they got married. Kyle and Chelsea were in their wedding. At the wedding, Luke’s parents took Julie aside and told her, “Without a doubt, Luke would not be where he is at if it wasn’t for Parent Life.”  

  --Julie Strode, Parent Life director

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