Have you experienced the Tabernacle?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Last summer, we brought the Tabernacle to the Campus Life House field.

"It was an awesome experience. An eye-catching white linen wall marked off the courtyard that held four stations preparing you to enter the Tabernacle. Actually tossing a wooden splint, representing my own sin, on the Altar of Burnt Offering and watching God's consuming fire burn it and the punishment that should have come with it, was humbling. The impressive Tabernacle proper greeted you with the aromatic wafts of frankencense and myrrh. The incense, both the smell and the visual of its smoke rising up, added to the powerful worship atmosphere. The Tabernacle and every station within was a reminder to me that God sees the big picture in everything. The Tabernacle was a forerunner of Christ and His work on the cross. It was all very humbling." -- Pat Williams

Have you experienced the Tabernacle yet? It's back this summer. Sign-up for your experience HERE.

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