God is on the move.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

It didn’t matter if no one else was coming to Bible Study from D Pod; David would come by himself.

Every day when I came into the pod, if the boys were there, David wanted to talk about spiritual things. I believe he became a Christ-follower while in detention. He’s really broken and wants to change his ways. He has a couple of kids with his baby mama, and a third one is on the way. David wants to marry her and be a family. He’s been reading his Bible every day. He’s just so eager to learn, one of the most engaged kids I’ve met at the detention center. He and Kyle Lindgren, another of our JJM staff, have really hit it off. They talk every Friday when Kyle comes to do Campus Life in D Pod. David wrote Kyle a letter from his new cell in the county jail.  We’re so excited to continue encouraging this young man as he learns to walk in God’s way and not his own. 

—Eldon Dietrich, JJM

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