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When you Give to Lincoln, you give for every student trying to find his way.

Give for Evan, who recently got out of a detention center and was invited to Campus Life by a friend. When Evan showed up to Campus Life  at Lincoln High School, he was welcomed and engaged by Seth and all the LHS leaders. After Campus Life, Evan sent Seth a message that said: “I just wanted to say thank you and I really appreciate it and everyone there...I would love to come back and do campus life and bible studies. Like I said,  I appreciate it a lot that you guys accepted me there. God bless.” What a victory! A student who just got out of doing jail time for being in trouble with the law walked into Campus Life and felt accepted for the first time in a very long time. Evan felt like he could be himself. 

The rest of this story -- Evan had been in multiple detention centers including the Lancaster County Youth Services Center. While there, Evan met Eldon, our JJM chaplain. Eldon had a huge impact on Evan. At his first Campus Life club, Evan was telling Seth all about it. Evan only had extremely positive things to say about Eldon and how Eldon shared the Gospel with him. This is a perfect example of Campus Life and JJM working together in one community for the good of the teens trying to find their way.

That is just one story of what God is doing through Campus Life and JJM. There are many more.

For ministry like this, Campus Life exists. For ministry like this, JJM exists.

But ministry can only exist when you join Seth and Eldon to minister to Evan. They need your support. Right now is the perfect time to lend a hand because it's Give to Lincoln! Every donation given through Give to Lincoln is INCREASED through a matching gift fund. (Thank you Lincoln Community Foundation and all the sponsors of #GivetoLincoln!)


Your donation through Give to Lincoln would make sure that students trying to find their way hear the Good News of Jesus.

Increase your impact! 

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