Give for Abby

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Increase the Impact. 

Give for Abby, a teen mom who moved to Lincoln from Kansas City just last month. She ended up at the People City Mission with her five-month-old baby. Her parents are unsupportive and, in her words, “it’s complicated” with the father of the child. She finally confided that she really has no support. How glad we were that the leaders of Adventure Seekers — a kids club at PCM — knew to share Parent Life as a support group and resource for this 17-year-old girl. Our Parent Life staff are ready and praying for this girl to be willing to meet with them.

Give to Lincoln 2018 is here! That means a gift to YFC increases the impact for any kid who finds herself abandoned. 

How do you increase the impact? Give through Give to Lincoln! Give to Lincoln is a special community event hosted by the Lancaster Community Foundation. It’s super exciting because every gift given through this event is matched proportionally by generous sponsors in our community!  Because the need is great, we need to increase the impact. We are praying to exceed 50K through the Give to Lincoln campaign.

Would you help us reach our goal?  Any amount given today through May 31 via the Give to Lincoln campaign will be matched! You can give online anytime

Thank you in advance! 

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