Fragments Dessert

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At our Dessert on Monday, November 7th we had the opportunity to gather together as a community. A community that is committed to reaching lost kids in the Lincoln Area with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. At the event we took the time to share some “Fragments” or stories of what God is doing in and through the ministry of Campus Life—here is one of those from the Dessert and one from our lives:

They Pursued Me and Prayed for Me

Trey Ottley, who is now a staff member, grew up in a home where Grace offered through Christ was never talked about. Throughout high school he began to search for God at the same time two of our staff began to pursue him. Through a series of events and attending club, Trey ended up on a trip where he wandered down to a river to pray. Shaun and Carrie where fervently praying for him as he made that solo venture – and it was there that Trey’s life changed. He committed himself to being a follower of Christ. Now Trey shares in the JOY of sharing Christ with others like himself.

I Have Never Felt so Free!

A few months ago on a tour through the local detention center we came across a former Campus Life student, Isaac, who was serving a sentence. A few days later Nate Kroll met him at a local church where he became a Christ-follower. Nate has continued to track with this young man and to connect him to Campus Life and other discipleship opportunities through the local church. On Sunday Nate talked to him and Isaac said, “I have never felt so free.” Knowing Christ has changed Isaac and we were humbled to have our new Juvenile Justice Ministry be a small part in his story.

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