For moments like this, Campus Life exists.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

"My mom and dad are getting a divorce, and my dad might be going to jail," shared Amanda as she sat across the table from Erin, her Campus Life leader. "I only see my dad every couple of months anyhow, but... jail," she continued. Erin listened compassionately, her heart aching with Amanda's, as Amanda continued to share about another relationship in her life falling apart. You could feel the hurt oozing out of Amanda's words and eyes. "What does God think about marriage? And does he understand how bad this hurts?" asked Amanda. 

"Yes, God understands," Erin began. Erin was thrilled she could tell Amanda about how much God cares about the hurt Amanda's experiencing and about what God did to meet Amanda in that hurt. Erin also explained God's perfect design for marriage, God's redemption of marriage, and God's plan for each of us. Erin was thrilled she could be there with Amanda so that Amanda didn't have to bear her burdens alone. 

For moments like this, Campus Life exists. 

Amanda believes there is a God, but she has not yet committed her life to Him. Amanda would love to go to camp this summer to learn more about God. Will you help her get there? 

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