Drywall part of healing a teen’s story.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Through Parent Life, we want to really focus in on relationships and giving the teen parents a place to belong and to feel accepted just like Jesus calls us to a relationship with Him and accepts us just as we are. Also, we want to help them with things in life that they need help with just like Jesus does for us. We want to put life skills into the hands of young dads and give them the opportunity to try working on car, hanging drywall, or welding. We are excited about this direction and it will be a great experience for the dads. This is just a little look into what will be going on this year. I also know that this year will bring a lot of broken hearts, like Lilly, a young mom that keeps hoping her son's dad will love her. She waited for him to be released from jail and longs for him to become the man and father that she desperately wants. I pray for this to happen too, but I know that her heart may get broken again. And then there is Lia who is 16 and doesn't have a home that is safe for her and her young son. I think often about what will become of her when she is 25 of 30 years old. Life is difficult for so many of these young people and then a baby enters the picture and life takes another bump in their already bumpy lives. I know that they need Parent Life. We give them the support and love they desperately need and want. I don't know what their lives will hold in the next 10 years; I just know WHO holds the future. 

Cassie Baumert

Parent Life

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