Drawing Closer to Jesus

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

“No.” She wasn’t interested in accepting Jesus.

Raina is a pretty straightforward kind of gal.  Her honesty and spunk are contagious. Mid-week at the high school’s YFCamp this summer, a conversation around what it means to believe in Jesus and trust Him as Savior was going on during the girls’ cabin time, and Raina was completely honest. She did not want to accept Jesus. But all through the week and during every cabin time, Raina was very engaged in the conversation and asked excellent questions. 

Raina has gone to Campus Life since she was a 6th grader so she’s heard the Gospel multiple times. Now in high school at summer camp, her questions, pondering, and confirmations were growing.  On the last night of camp, Raina told her Campus Life leader, Ella, “I’m so close to saying yes [to Jesus].” Ella was thrilled! We’re eager to see how Jesus will continue working in Raina’s heart as He draws her step-by-step closer to Himself. Raina was so excited for Campus Life to start up for the fall semester.

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