Do you know Tyler Carter?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Would you rather eat chocolate-flavored poop or poop-flavored chocolate?

This is Tyler Carter’s go-to question for his favorite Campus Life staff game. Tyler came on staff with YFC in the fall of 2016. After six months of doing high school ministry, Tyler moved into the new Ministry Director position. Overseeing the Campus Life team incorporates Tyler’s previous business experience well as he was in a management position for over a decade before deciding to change vocations to formal ministry. Tyler is passionate about fighting the lies within which our society is functioning. “Each generation our families are disintegrating at a more rapid pace. The generation of youth today are more confused than ever. Many kids don't know they are loved and have value,” said Tyler. Tyler knows about lies, his own story involving 10 years of hard drug addiction. He finally reached out to a church for help and was connected with Teen Challenge, a Christian discipleship recovery program. There Tyler surrendered his life to Christ and went through the difficult work of God breaking the lies and paradigms which had plunged Tyler into drug addiction. “I believe God has called me vocationally, in the long term perspective, to help people overcome lies and false paradigms that keep them from the Freedom of Christ,” said Tyler. Tyler is doing that work in the Lincoln and Norris area. He and his wife, Karen, have three children. They like traveling on a shoestring budget and visiting places of vintage Americana along the way. Tyler also enjoys fishing and hunting. One of his favorite stories is the nine point buck he got on opening morning a few years ago. 

P.S. Tyler would rather eat poop-flavored chocolate.

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