Do you know Kaleb Andersen?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Balloon Capture the Flag: Tie a balloon around the students’ ankles and if their balloon pops while they’re trying to get the flag, they are out. This is Kaleb’s favorite game to play at Campus Life club. Kaleb has been building relationships with students at Pound Middle School all school year; this January, Kaleb officially re-started Campus Life at Pound club. It’s been very exciting! “I love being able to share about Jesus with students. I love being there to help disciple them.  I love that I am able to talk with students about very difficult things that they need help understanding,” said Kaleb. In the few weeks club’s been going, attendance has doubled! Kaleb’s had good experience working in youth ministry. He was a camp counselor at Timberlake Ranch Camp for years and also was involved in their SALT (Servant and Leadership Training) program. Kaleb studied one year at New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Currently, he is taking online classes through Liberty University to get a degree in youth ministry. “I wanted to join the Youth for Christ team in Lincoln because I have a passion for serving God and for teaching kids about Jesus.  Working with YFC allows me to do both of those and to further grow in my walk with God all at the same time,” said Kaleb. Kaleb greatly enjoys anytime he gets to spend outside camping/hiking, playing soccer, or ultimate frisbee. Kaleb and his wife, Melissa, were married on New Year’s Day this year.

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