Do you know Jarvis Green?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Kickball’s the game of choice at Campus Life club for Jarvis Green. After being a dedicated Campus Life volunteer for years at Culler Middle School, Jarvis has come on staff with YFC to invest even more in the ministry at Culler. He is fundraising support, preparing a ministry team for this location, and working as a para-educator at Culler. “These kids get to see me everyday. They know I will be there if they need someone to confide in. Kids love consistency,” said Jarvis. And he loves to be there for them. “I don’t want these kids to think their skin tone defines who they are in this world. I want to be a positive role model for them as a young Christian man,” said Jarvis. He loves Culler as a ministry site because he loves seeing the human race. “The only race here at Culler is the human race. I think of the Tower of Babel when God wanted us to focus on Him. We now have so many languages, it’s amazing. Yet, it’s a constant reminder to continue to seek Him in all we do,” said Jarvis. The conversations he’s having and trust he’s establishing with the students and administration while working within the school system are proving fruitful! We are thankful for Jarvis’ heart for and commitment to these students and their specific needs. Jarvis works closely with his wife, Ale. They are the youth pastors at Crossroads Church. Jarvis also works at Copple Family YMCA as a wellness specialist, coach, and cycling instructor. Jarvis and Ale have a toddler, Thaddeus Elijah.

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