Do you know Hannah Roepke?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Her favorite game to play at Campus Life is Captain’s Coming. “It’s great because it gets everyone up and moving,” said Hannah. Hannah is the Campus Life leader at Lux Middle School. She started with YFC in our Leadership Academy program. Hannah loves Campus Life. “It gives me an opportunity to be a light in students’ lives when they may not have anyone else. Some of my biggest influences and encouragement during my time in middle school and high school came from adults who were just willing to spend time with me and get to know me and love me through the hard times. I love being able to do that for students,” Hannah said.  When not investing in the students at Lux, Hannah is taking care of their two puppies and working alongside Seth Roepke and the ministry at Lincoln High. Hannah and Seth just married this past December, adding to the list of couples who’ve met while on staff with Campus Life. Hannah also graduated this past December from UNL with her Spanish and Global Studies, minor in Leadership and Communication degree. Hannah’s hobbies are reading Harry Potter, doing puzzles, and playing tennis.

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