DO you know Beth TeKolste?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

She loves to play the crazy, fast-paced dodge ball game “Protect the President” with her Campus Life crew. Perhaps it’s no surprise when you learn that as a young girl growing up on a farm just south of Lincoln, Beth highly enjoyed jumping on the pigs and going for a wild ride!! But her favorite animals on the farm were her horses, Cindy and Beauty. Beth is a Norris School District alumni and has been serving for years in that community. With her cosmetology license, Beth worked out of her home while her children grew up. Beth is married to Brian; they have four children who are all now graduated from high school. Beth served in multiple children’s ministries for 20+ years. After coming on staff three years ago, Beth has specifically been working with Norris high schoolers as she took on the challenge to build back Campus Life club at Norris High. “I love the craziness of students.  I love their energy, crazy ideas and I really like watching them become young adults.  A lot of growth and independence happens in high school, so it’s fun watching that develop.  I love the opportunity to share with students about God’s perspective on their lives and then sit back and watch the Holy Spirit work on their hearts as they absorb that information.  Campus Life has really worked on my heart too and has taught me that it’s all about God’s agenda and timing… not mine,” said Beth. During her free time, Beth enjoys exercising, working in the yard, water sports, and movies. A joy to have on the team, Beth brings excellent perspective, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

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