Do You Know Anthony Godtel?

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Anthony enjoys playing any kind of board game with students at Campus Life, but if they have more time and space, it’s human foosball! Experiencing major trend changes as a student himself, for example being in one of the last typewriter classes and in one of the first keyboarding classes in the same year, Anthony has learned to be adaptable. He’s a versatile guy who has a huge heart to help others in any way that he can. Anthony came to serve at YFC after being a youth pastor in Clay Center. Before that he served in the US Air Force. Anthony has been a key member of the middle school Campus Life team. “I love reaching people with the Gospel. I love seeing lives changed — change that makes impact beyond the student, change that is noticeable by a community and impacts that community — beyond my words, beyond my efforts, beyond the relationship that I offer,” said Anthony. Passionate about serving students and his community, Anthony’s honored to have the privilege of doing so alongside his wife, Jamie. They’ve worked in ministry together for over 10 years.  Anthony and Jamie have three children: Gabe, Josh, and Aubrey.

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