13 going on 30.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

In ministry, it's so easy to get discouraged over students who don't get it or students with whom you walk through YEARS of meeting weekly and they still have questions you feel like you've answered hundreds of times. But God takes each of us on our own journey according to His perfect plan, outline, and timing. A Campus Life student I've known since she was 13 is now 21. She recently posted this on her Facebook wall: 

"Four months sober today! Where has the time gone? I have an incredible job, with security, and an awesome boss who knows almost everything about my journey. I have a beautiful apartment filled with photos from family and friends. I have a completely new outlook on life. I don't "have" to do anything. I GET to do anything. I'm back into shape, and the kinks in my health are getting figured out. I have Willow and Tucker, who make me smile daily. I have the most amazing support system. Most importantly, I have a relationship with God that I never even thought was possible, and growing spiritually each and everyday, even though it's tough, is transforming me into the human being I am meant to be. Life isn't perfect. I'm not perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. But if I continue trusting God and continue to serve others, I will keep my sobriety, and keep living this life that is so full of beauty. From basically death... to this? Thank you all for your support."

Thank you, Jesus.

Happy New Year!


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