Dear Lord, I know I’m a sinner…

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Last Monday, my first interaction with Suzie was after she overhead Erica ask me to pray for her next court date. “Hey, can you pray for me too?” Suzie asked. “Sure,” I responded. So after I prayed with Erica, I met Suzie in the library. She was so broken. Short version is that her mother died when Suzie was five years old. Suzie was adopted by her aunt. Suzie is now 16-years-old and has a 17-year-old boyfriend and it’s all trouble. I heard her out and then shared the Gospel with Suzie and gave her a Bible to take with her. I told her she could read it and pray in her room if she wanted. “I wanna pray right now!” she responded. She repeated after me in a prayer of salvation. Amen! 

—Eldon Dietrich, JJM

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