COVID-19 YFC Response

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"I lift my eyes to the hill -- where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Ps. 121:1-2

YFC is committed to being ambassadors of peace, trust, confidence, security, and most importantly, hope. We know in Whom we put our hope. For a watching world, we want to encourage. For all of us already involved with YFC, we want to be equipped to be a part of the solution during this COVID pandemic. Every aspect of YFC ministry will continue, and we remain secure in the Lord and his everlasting peace—on mission and always about the message of Jesus.
YFC will always be here for youth, ages 11-19. And to do so in this critical time, we recognize there are a range of impacts affecting our ability to minister. Our theme during this season is replace, not cancel. Our YFC ministry philosophy hasn’t changed: we go where they are. Right now that means a ton of online interaction with students! Our response is creative innovation in the ways we reach youth, through technology and other means. How crucial to have safe, healthy, trusted mentors engaging with youth online during this COVID social distancing.

Committed to our mission of reaching young people with the Good News and hope of Jesus Christ, our staff continues to creatively and faithfully minister to students:

  • Fireside Devos are being aired daily by Shannon, our Moore Campus Life leader, and one of her volunteers from Lincoln Christian School. They read and explain a few Bible verses in these couple minute videos that are posted on social media.
  • Facebook Live videos are being posted by Anthony. He’s including a little bit of everything from interactive games, a joke episode, or a devotion to continue relationships with students.
  • Facebook polls are allowing for a lot of engagement with staff and students in our Parent Life group. Parent Life is also connecting with volunteers.
  • Large group Campus Life Clubs via Zoom with Campus Life at Lux and at Moore. Many students and volunteers called in and enjoyed the online camaraderie.
  • One-on-one student interviews via Zoom have been a great way to record student stories! Perhaps you’ve seen on social media these students share how God has worked through Campus Life in their lives.
  • Lip Sync Battle within Campus Life at Mickle — The gauntlet has been thrown down!
  • “Pick Me Up” Deliveries have gone out multiple times from Campus Life at Ashland. Tim and staff at the ROC Youth Center have delivered bags of snacks, crafts, and a YFC Life Book to over 40 local teens.

This is just a handful of the ways we’re continuing to reach out to and invest in students with the love of Jesus during this time. We’re coming up with new ideas daily, and we are using this time to appropriately prepare for the future. We are embracing this opportunity to further trust our Savior through all this and call others to do the same. Together, we are creating resources that will address a range of impacts. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with us. Email any staff member. We are here to serve. We are here for you. Always remember: you are not alone.

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