Cory’s Small Group

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Cory, a staff member who has been leading outreach at Lefler Middle school shares a brief story of successful outreach:

I have been leading a small group bible study of middle school boys for the last two years. During that time we have developed a great relationship by meeting weekly at a coffee shop, going fishing, and grabbing ice cream. But we don’t just hang out because it’s fun… I spend time with Josh and two of his best friends because I want them to fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ.

One of my prayers has been that God would give me the patience and steady resolve to see these boys come to know the Lord and God has faithfully answered that prayer!

Over the last 2 years I have watched Josh, Casey, and Evan become strong believers of God!  It was not a short trip to get there. But praise God that they have come to know and follow Christ!

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