Campus Life has changed my life.

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The other day I was asked what makes Campus Life different from other ministries. This is a tough question to put into words because Campus Life is so different from other ministries! The thing that stands out most is the fact that we are meeting the students where they are. We walk down their hallways; we play dodgeball in their gyms; we sit down at their lunch tables; we volunteer at their proms. In a way, Campus Life reminds me of Jesus at the wedding in Cana. Jesus went as a guest, not as one trying to steal the show as the Son of God. Jesus' goal was much different; it was to meet people where they were and then leave evidence for them to remember that He was different than everyone else because His heart was for the Lord. Our goal at Campus Life isn't to be the biggest group in the school, though that would be nice. Our goal is to enter into the students' lives as guests and show them that something is different about us, that difference being that because of the power and grace of our Lord, we are overflowing with Jesus. And when Jesus enters a party, miraculous things happen! While a Lincoln High student and I were hanging out he said, "I wish I had come to Campus Life last year. My freshman year of high school was so bad and Campus Life has changed my life!"


Seth Roepke

Campus Life

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