Campus Life Changes Liz’s Life

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Halfway through last school year Liz and her step-brother started coming to Campus Life at Mickle. After they had been coming awhile, Liz asked the Mickle leaders to meet with her outside of school, so Andrea and Adam Forrester took Liz out for ice cream. That started a mentoring relationship that has gone from talking about Liz's life and struggles to talking about her questions about God and the Bible. 

At the end of the school year, Adam shared the Gospel during Campus Life club and handed out response cards afterward. One of the questions on the card was: “What do you think about God?” Liz wrote, “At first I thought it was bull, but not now.” Liz was asking questions and seeking to understand more so the Forrester's bought her a Bible. 

This summer Liz had the opportunity to go to camp, but before camp she was scared and unsure about going. Adam reassured her it would be the best week of her life. Liz came back from camp pumped and excited and was quick to tell Adam all about camp. First she told all about the speaker, her counselors and devotions. Then with a huge smile Liz said, “I accepted Christ too.” Adam had told Liz it would be the best week of her life and he was right.

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