Beautiful community partnership.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Our Campus Life staff at Norris -- Beth and Anthony -- partnered with the Todd Becker Foundation's event at Norris High School this January.

The Todd Becker Foundation goes around the country telling the story of Todd Becker, a student who made some poor choices and died in his senior year of high school. At the school assembly, Todd's brother, Keith Becker, shared Todd's story and what it means to walk the narrow road of safe life choices. That evening, they hosted a concert and Keith shared more of Todd's story and the Gospel.  At the school assembly, around 30 students committed to walking the narrow road. At the evening performance, around 20 students committed their lives to Jesus. Beth had good conversations with a couple of girls at both events; she is ready to move forward with them as they are willing. Anthony had a group of middle school CL boys come forward at the evening performance! Please pray for these students and for Beth and Anthony as they follow up with them.

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