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Posted on by YFC Lincoln

Do you ever wish your tweens would talk with you more? Do you wonder what's really going on in their day or in their heads? We understand. The struggle is real. And it is worth fighting for open dialogue with your children. As much as possible, you want to be someone in whom they will confide. You want to remain in the loop of what's going on in their heads and hearts. How do you do this? 

Here's some easy, practical advice:

#1: Your House = THE Hangout House

Make your home the place where everyone wants to hang out. You can help this happen by doing a few things. For starters, suggest it. Hold BBQs, movie nights, bonfires, post-game parties (alcohol-free), and ask your children to invite their friends over. Tell your kids you're wanting their friends to come over and show your kids this by stocking your fridge with pop and Gatorade and stocking a snack cupboard. Make brownies, cinnamon rolls, pizza rolls, whatever the group likes, that can be a known staple at your house. "Jordan's mom always has cookies!" can become the draw for the 6th grade crowd, and that's a good thing! It'll be way easier for you to stay in the know if your house is the hang-out spot.

When you create an atmosphere in your home that is welcoming, safe, and fun, they will come. If you are laid-back and willing to listen, they will talk. It may be an hour or more of shallow tween drama and jokes and bodily odors, but in or after all that, meaningful comments and conversations will happen. With tweens, quantity of talk opens the door to quality of talk. 

So when can you schedule a hang-out at your house for your child and his/her friends? 

What will be your snack offering of choice? 

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