The Rest of Aurora’s Story

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We wanted to share the rest of Aurora's story. This was recorded last year. It has a more details that give even deeper understanding of God's power over sin and darkness. 

"About three and a half years ago, Aurora was a pregnant student at Northstar High School. She was 16. She gave birth to a little boy. We met her through the parenting classes, and she started coming to our Parent Life meetings. Because we built a relationship with her, she shared that she was sexually molested from seven to 14 years old, and her heart felt black because of it.  We talked with her about Jesus’ love and victory over all things. She heard the Gospel in multiple ways at our Parent Life meetings.  

She got a job to provide for her little guy so she became less involved in Parent Life. Then she moved to Scottsbluff for the first semester of her senior year. She moved back to Lincoln the second semester, but she was still working so she never made it back to Parent Life on a regular basis. 

Two months ago, Aurora contacted me, and said she needed to talk about the Jesus stuff we’ve talked with her about. We met, and she explained feeling like God wanted something from her and she didn't know what He wanted. “I've prayed like you've told me to pray, but I don't get any peace. I feel a huge anxiousness and like I'm not getting what he wants me to do,” she said. I told her, “Aurora, I think God just wants you. So if you sit still and quiet with Him and His Word and just let him know you’re there...He just wants you. He knows you; He wants you to know Him.” I left a Bible with her. A few days later, we went to the movie War Room. Aurora brought her boyfriend along. After the movie, she said, “I think this movie is saying the same thing.”

The next week, Aurora came to church with me.  She accepted Christ at church. She was captivated by Jesus and by his church. She brought her boyfriend and mom to church the next week. She is changed, now a child of God. I sent Aurora the link to the song “I’m No Longer a Slave.” She listened to it and told me she finally understands the words. It is a huge transformation, and it’s showing in her belief and action. Now graduated from high school, Aurora works full-time and is able to come to Parent Life on Tuesday nights. There, she met a single dad with a brand new baby and took her own hard-working money to buy baby clothes for this family. She really gets it. She is acting out of her new understanding of God’s love. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Julie Strode

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Parent Life

If you didn't see Aurora tell her own story at Comedy Night last week, here it is:  Parent Life -- Aurora & Julie HD

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