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Entire Families Impacted Through Campus Life

8/28/2018 in Category Campus Life

Hailey has been a student at Campus Life for years. 

She met Jesus through Campus Life and has a personal relationship with Christ. This past school year, Hailey participated in our YFC Core... More

“Call to Nebraska Artists” - Lincoln’s Next Public Art Project - Serving Hands: Celebrating 50 Years

8/21/2018 in Category

Matt Schulte, Executive Director of Campus Life, announces a “Call to Nebraska Artists” for Serving Hands: Celebrating 50 years of Campus Life and invites Artists – professional and emerging... More

Looking for the Goldfish

8/14/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Teen Parents

Hannah Roepke was facilitating Campus Life club at the juvenile detention center a couple weeks ago. Listen in.

"I was sharing this picture with the teens in jail: 

I began talking about... More

Do you know Eldon Dietrich?

8/6/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

What do you think Eldon said when Nathan Kroll asked him to consider being Juvenile Justice Chaplain?

“A 62-year-old guy, working with teenagers all the time? I dropped out of college, I... More