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Give for Evan—the rest of the story

5/25/2018 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry

When you Give to Lincoln, you give for every student trying to find his way.

Give for Evan, who recently got out of a detention center and was invited to Campus Life by a friend. When Evan... More

Give for C.J.

5/10/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

Give for every student running from God.

Give for C.J. who told Kyle, “Yeah man, I’m afraid of you.” C.J. is in segregation on 23-hour lockdown at Omaha’s detention center because he’s... More

DO you know Beth TeKolste?

5/4/2018 in Category Campus Life

She loves to play the crazy, fast-paced dodge ball game “Protect the President” with her Campus Life crew. Perhaps it’s no surprise when you learn that as a young girl growing up on a farm... More

Give for Abby

5/3/2018 in Category Teen Parents

Increase the Impact. 

Give for Abby, a teen mom who moved to Lincoln from Kansas City just last month. She ended up at the People City Mission with her five-month-old baby. Her parents are... More