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Do you know Dr. Tiffany Leonida?

1/31/2018 in Category Teen Parents

Do you know Dr. Tiffany Leonida?

She loves to ask lots of odd questions like ‘Do you feel like you show people your true self online?’ to the teen moms and dads while they eat dinner... More

Do you know Jarvis Green?

1/17/2018 in Category Campus Life

Kickball’s the game of choice at Campus Life club for Jarvis Green. After being a dedicated Campus Life volunteer for years at Culler Middle School, Jarvis has come on staff with YFC to... More

2017 Stories

1/12/2018 in Category

Did you hear the stories of how God worked in 2017 through Campus Life, Parent Life, JJM? 

If not, take a look. It'll encourage your heart. 
There is a redeemer, active among us. He is... More

Do You Know Anthony Godtel?

1/11/2018 in Category Campus Life

Anthony enjoys playing any kind of board game with students at Campus Life, but if they have more time and space, it’s human foosball! Experiencing major trend changes as a student himself,... More

Square Watermelon

1/3/2018 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

A young man at our church built some plexiglas boxes and grew watermelons in them. 

The watermelons grew to the size and shape of the boxes; thus, they were square when removed. I bought a... More