Archives: February 2017

What’s your label say?

2/27/2017 in Category Campus Life

Ugly, worthless, stupid, freak...these are a few labels one young lady at Campus Life club said people have given her.

As our small groups discussed the topic of labels, I shared that I too... More

Meet Dr. Tiffany Leonida!

2/20/2017 in Category Teen Parents

She's our new Parent Life Director.

Tiffany grew up on a farm around Benkelman, NE. Receiving her education in chiropractic care with a certification in pediatrics and pregnancy, Tiffany... More

Leadership Academy Snapshot

2/11/2017 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Teen Parents

Into our second year of the newly launched Leadership Academy (LA), we wanted to share a taste of this program straight from the horse’s mouth. Imagine you’re sitting around a table with... More