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8/16/2016 in Category Campus Life

I was talking to Maddie,  one-on-one after sharing a  gospel message at club. She said that this was the first time it made complete sense. She always thought she knew who God was and knew he... More

Run with us

8/15/2016 in Category Teen Parents

As we are running into this coming school year, it reminds me of our first annual Parent Life 5K this past spring. It was a great event! Over 100 runners participated, thousands of dollars... More

Musing over trials

8/8/2016 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

How do I handle trials deftly?

Is that even possible, to handle trials skillfully and cleverly? Perhaps the more approriate adverb is successfully: how do I handle trials successfully.... More

Wowzaz! Praise God!

8/2/2016 in Category Campus Life

At the last Mickle club this spring, we shared the Gospel 

and then handed out blank pieces of paper and told the students to write what they thought about what was said. 


14 middle... More