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1/28/2016 in Category Campus Life

Meeting Madison, you'd think she has an easy life. I have quickly learned there is so much hurt happening in her that she hasn't talked to anyone about. Madison shared with me about finding... More


1/21/2016 in Category Teen Parents

Recently, I started to get to know a young dad named Marcus. He has a three-month-old son and also cares for his son's two-year-old half sister. The mother of these two children is... More

Where Everything Changes

1/14/2016 in Category Campus Life

YFCamp really is a place where everything can, and often does, change for a student because they experience Jesus and His truth in a life-altering way.

At Quaker Ridge high school... More


1/7/2016 in Category Campus Life

At Campus Life at Mickle, I met a young girl named Samantha. She came up to me at the very beginning of club (it was only her second week coming) and hugged me, crying, saying she needed... More