Archives: June 2014

Behind the iron doors

6/26/2014 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry

Every Wednesday this summer, two teams of Campus Life staff went behind the iron doors of the juvenile detention center to run club. We embraced this unique opportunity to build... More

God will finish what He starts.

6/19/2014 in Category Campus Life

About four years ago, I was driving through Lincoln and noticed a Lincoln High student that I had met briefly, but couldn’t remember his name. I asked him if he needed a ride, and without a... More

Julie gets God.

6/12/2014 in Category Teen Parents

Three years ago, I met Julie. She was 14 years old at the time, pregnant, and without support. Julie began coming to our parenting classes, which opened the door for me to walk through life... More

Experiencing the Tabernacle

6/12/2014 in Category

A guest post by Gretchen M. Garrison

For seven more days, the tabernacle is resting at Lincoln Youth for Christ in Lincoln.  Now before you think that you missed some grand archeological... More