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20 students made a decision for Christ!

5/29/2014 in Category Campus Life

With students being out of school, any school break is a great time for overnighters. One of our new clubs, Culler Middle School, had their first overnighter during Christmas break. But... More

This was exactly what I needed…

5/22/2014 in Category Campus Life

During Jason Gaare’s weekly visits to a high school lunchroom, he is able to interact with many students he wouldn’t otherwise meet. Melissa is one of those students. She sat at a table of... More

Where do I start?

5/15/2014 in Category Teen Parents

Our Teen Parents' staff receive a lot of text messages. Some messages make them stop in their tracks.  Cara received a text message from a young lady who has been coming to Tuesday night... More

Katy at Camp

5/12/2014 in Category

Would you help a girl, like Katy, go to camp this year?

Changed from the inside out

5/8/2014 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry

Nine months ago we re-met Isaac, a high school boy who, years ago, was involved in Campus Life but now was detained in the juvenile detention center. Not even two weeks after he was... More