Archives: March 2014

Jackie says YES to Jesus

3/27/2014 in Category Juvenile Justice Ministry

On Tuesday one of our Juvenile Justice volunteers, Jean, sat down with a girl named Jackie for their third mentoring time together. Jean knew that Jackie’s time at the Lancaster County... More

Meet Taylor and Trevor

3/20/2014 in Category Teen Parents

Meet Taylor and Trevor, both 17 years old. This year they had a baby. When you listen to them talk about little Trevor, Jr., there is no doubt that they deeply love and care about him. But,... More

Minnesota Trip 2013

3/13/2014 in Category Campus Life

Ninety middle-schoolers went on our annual end-of-the-year trip to Minnesota. It’s a fun, long weekend of playing (the students enjoy a Twins game, the Mall of America, and Valley Fair... More


3/6/2014 in Category

During her nine months of pregnancy and now three months of caring for her precious baby boy, Audrey has experienced innumerable changes. But none of changes can compare to the one she... More