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Our high school Campus Life started a new thing this year: All City Club.

For the Lincoln area schools (East, Lincoln High, Northeast, and Southeast), the weekly club meetings are all together on Mondays at 7:07 p.m. at Bryan Community School. So far, so good!

Averaging roughly 40 kids per club night, the numbers aren't exactly what we want them to be, but that size of group provides for high energy, fun clubs.  A big reason the numbers aren't as high has to do with the date and location change for all the high schools except Northeast. Everyone else was used to club happening on Tuesday nights. (So spread the word  - MONDAY NIGHTS - if you know anyone at those Lincoln schools!) Just a few months into this drastic transition, it's still relatively new so it's hard to read and gauge all the thoughts on it, but we have seen a lot of cool stuff happening.

In talking with three kids this past week who were very upset about the All City club when we first announced it, they admitted they now prefer the All City club, and they really like it.  We trust it will only continue to get better with time. We have tons of great conversations from simple to serious. Two weeks ago, we asked the kids how they viewed themselves and we saw/heard a lot of heart breaking stories.  Kids are in a dark place. Most of them don't know what love is and don't know how valuable they are to our Lord.  It's fantastic that they can come to club and feel safe enough to share things they have never shared before. We have been doing "story time" with three of our new interns: Byrce, Hannah, and Lexi. "Story time" is a yearly part of the program at YFC camp, and we've adapted it to our smaller stage. The vulnerability and honesty of our staff as they've shared their life stories has been effective in opening the doors for students to be honest and vulnerable with what they're going through. It's been awesome.


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