Alex - Spring 2013

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Last year, at the beginning of second semester, a couple of our volunteers and I met Alex in the cafeteria at school and invited him to club. Normally, students don’t show up the first time they are invited, but Alex did. Not only that, within a few weeks he had joined our sophomore guys’ small group and signed up for ski trip. Through his involvement in both of these, Alex was seriously challenged by the truth of Christ that we shared with him. Yet, he remained very skeptical and guarded whenever the subject of faith came up.

This year, Alex has remained involved in Campus Life and once again signed up to go on our second semester trip. During our time in Texas, I noticed that Alex seemed more open than he had been in the past. Each night in our cabin time, he shared more and more with us, and it was obvious that he was truly processing what we were sharing with him. On our last night, Alex shared with the guys in our tent that he was finally ready to start opening his life up to God. This is a major step for a young man who, only a month before the trip, was hesitant to acknowledge any absolute truth. Alex and I have plans to start
studying together and he continues to attend club with an open heart, excited to learn more and more about Jesus.

-Jason Hawkins, Lincoln High School
Campus Life


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As always we try to use pseudonyms and alternate photos to protect the identities of our students.

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