After all she had accomplished, something was still missing.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

I remember when I first met Andria, 15-years-old, pregnant, and hurting from scars of her past. She was highly motivated to not let being a parent stop her from going to college. Four years later, she called our Parent Life director, Julie, and asked if they could talk about God. After all that she had accomplished in college, something was still missing. Upon talking with Julie, Andria decided to go to church that Sunday and there everything changed for Andria. She gave her life over to Jesus! Not only that, but she led her boyfriend, Donivan, to Jesus as well.

Once the Gospel began to change their hearts, getting married was the next best step to them. This past spring, Andria walked down the aisle to the man she will spend the rest of her life with. What a blessing it is to see the Gospel transform a young family. 

--Kyle Lindgren, Parent Life

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