Abiding in Prayer

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Abiding in Prayer

This fall, we are focusing on Colossians 4:2-6 as a team. These verses start off with a strong call to prayer. A call to pursue Him in prayer, a call to speak boldly and clearly, and a call to proclaim His Truth! It’s because of this verse that we launched our 40 Day Prayer Journey. If you haven’t been following along, you can catch up through our website or on Facebook, search “YFCLincoln”.


Three New Schools this Fall

We are excited to have launched Campus Life at 3 new schools this Fall! Goodrich, Culler, and North Star now have weekly clubs and small groups where kids will hear the Good News.


Student: Carter

Carter is a boy who is currently being held at the local detention center. Recently, our chaplain, Eldon, sat down with him and had a good talk and gave Carter a copy of the book, An Anchor for the Soul, that walks readers through the Gospel. When Eldon came back the next day, Carter quickly ran up and shared that he had become a believer the night before and prayed to ask God for forgiveness!


Not only did Carter come to faith in Christ . . . but later, Eldon found out that Carter asked one of the facility staff members to raid the chaplain’s office so he could get more copies of the book to share with his friends! It’s always exciting to see a new believer actively sharing Christ with others.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God will give us many opportunities to speak and proclaim His message clearly.
  • Pray for Cory, Shelby, Brian, and Seth who are all working at new schools—it is very difficult and taxing to contact students and build a new club.
  • Praise God for 7 new believers!
  • Praise God for 75 students who are involved weekly in Campus Life at Lux Middle School.
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