A lunch table conversation brings in a friend to Bible study.

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

I've been leading a small group Bible study with a group of high school girls.  These girls were talking at their lunch table about what we were discussing in our study, and one of their friends began to ask questions about their conversation. This girl then reached out to me via text asking if she could join our study. I was in awe of just how wonderful God is and how He can move like that. She recently attended the small group for the first time and instantly jumped into discussion. Her confidence was strong and you could tell that she felt comfortable with this group of girls, which was amazing to see because this was her first time attending!  She didn't even have a copy of the book we are reading yet, and she still felt comfortable answering questions and joining in the discussion. I'm so glad that she has finally found our small group because I know she has been wanting a place to belong and to grow!  She has had a rough go for several years as she comes from a broken home. I'm blessed to be able to say that God is using me to minister to these girls.

Brooklyn S., Campus Life @ Waverly

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