A Day in the Life of: Seth Roepke

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

This is a snippet from one day in the life of Seth Roepke, our Campus Life High School Director:

"So my day included many tough and heartbreaking conversations. I began the day by taking two students to the drug store to buy them a pregnancy test. At club this evening, Lenore did a great job leading up front so I was able to have one-on-one conversations with multiple students. The first was a kid refusing to come into club. We finally got down to the real issue; he is struggling at home with his step dad. Then two girls were telling me they no longer had social media because they got caught sending nudes. When I asked them, 'Do you know how much worth you have? How worthy of love you are?' they answered, 'I don’t have any. I’m not worthy of love.' 'Who told you that?' I asked. 'We tell ourselves that everyday.'"

This is just a taste of the stuff kids are believing and doing and dealing with. They need Jesus. That is our mission: to introduce them to Jesus. Thank you for serving with us in this eternal work.

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