A Christmas Story

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

This past Christmas season, the Campus Life staff at Mickle brought in an authentic manger (made by our very own Nathan Kroll) to serve as a tangible and visual "offering" location. The students were asked "If you were to bring a gift to the newborn King Jesus, what would it be?" The answers abounded in variety. Here are a few to give you a taste:

"A blanket I made."

"A rattle that shoots lightning."

"Gold, silver, and bacon." 

"A box of mac and cheese because everyone likes mac and cheese."

"Myself and a feast."

On their papers, students were also asked if they wanted to dig deeper into a relationship with Jesus. 30 students responded yes. Please pray for this group of middle schoolers who will be gathering outside of club this semester to learn more about their Savior. 

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