Great Things God Has Done! YFCamp: Jill

7/19/2019 in Category Campus Life

Our Campus Life middle school crew had an excellent week at camp. The truth is though that an excellent week at camp also always means a week of struggle because walls have to come down,... More

Great Things God Has Done! YFCamp: One Step Closer

7/9/2019 in Category Campus Life

One step closer.

Every single student at the high school YFCamp at Castaway Club moved one step closer to God, one step closer to Jesus, one step closer to knowing how much God loves them.... More

Great things God has done! YFCamp: Susan

6/26/2019 in Category Campus Life

After only five hours of being at camp, Susan, one of our Lincoln students, asked to talk to Don.

Don Talley, the camp speaker, had welcomed the kids and done his first talk, an introduction... More

We appreciate you!

6/3/2019 in Category Campus Life , Juvenile Justice Ministry, Parenting Your Teen, Project Serve, Teen Parents

Seriously what an answer to prayer and an amazing blessing to boost YFC into its 51st year of ministry in Lincoln! You, our Campus Life, Parent Life, and JJM support team, gave the largest... More

When you give to Parent Life, you give to mentoring teen parents.

5/23/2019 in Category Teen Parents

Your mom is in prison. Your dad is not great. You're living with a family friend. You've had no upbringing in Jesus. You're fifteen and pregnant. What would you do? 

Wonderfully, Maggie... More