40 Day Abiding Journey

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Prayer journey coming soon...Jesus said, “ABIDE in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” John 15:4

Recently, I have been really challenged by the book Prayer Circles. Not only have I been challenged to increase the amount of time I pray, but also to dream bigger in my prayers. We have a big, huge, audacious goal in front of us - a goal to share the Gospel with 10% of the students at all 14 campuses we will have programs at this year. In order for us to get anywhere near that goal, we need God to show up in a huge way . . .and so we have begun praying – you may have even seen us doing prayer walks around schools in town.

Would you join us in a 40-day journey of intentionally abiding in Jesus and interceding for students as the school year starts up? Would you commit to praying with us as we claim some specific, bold, big prayer requests for the Kingdom?

You can do so by using the enclosed fridge magnet and prayer calendar to join us in this 40-day Abiding Journey.  You can also follow along on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/YFCLincoln or Twitter: @matteoyfc

9/2 Pray for 12 Alumni leaders who are committed to growing with Christ and serving at a site.
9/3 Pray for a strong student leadership group to start at East.
9/4 Please pray that students at Pound Middle School connect with adult and high school leaders and that real and honest conversations will be happening throughout the year.
9/5 Pray for God to bring a female co-staff and a volunteer team to join Cory at Lefler Middle School.
9/6 Please pray that God would allow our presence at Lux Middle School to really connect with the students who need a positive, Godly role model in their life.  Pray that God would provide us with volunteers who are ready to go deep with middle schoolers.
9/7 Pray for the follow-up program at the Juvenile Detention Center called Aftercare. Pray that the students Nate and Eldon have connected with will follow through.
9/8 Pray that key students would be identified to help our new outreaches at Culler, North Star, Lux, and Irving and that they would be powerful tools to reach their school for Christ.
9/9 Pray that God would sell cattle, increase yields, open bank coffers, and more than anything, change our hearts as He provides $800,000 for the ministry.
9/10 Pray for a strong, dedicated female volunteer as well as other volunteers for the Southeast team.
9/11 Pray that God would develop a strong team of volunteers at Lincoln High who will invest in kids’ lives and make it possible to multiply this ministry.
9/12 Pray for God to provide 10 committed volunteers combined at the middle and high school levels in Norris.
9/13 Pray for God to establish a student leadership group at Mickle Middle School at that is authentic, safe, and full of God’s truth.
9/14 Pray for God to bring a female co-staff and volunteer team to join Cory at Goodrich Middle School.
9/15 Pray for the Northeast team to know and have relationships with 10% of the students, which is about 152 students.
9/16 Pray for God to provide connected volunteers to invest at Irving Middle School.
9/17 Pray for Cara and her team of volunteers and alumni leaders at Waverly High School to be equipped spiritually, physically, and emotionally to handle abundance in club attendance.
9/18 Pray for God to provide 3 female volunteers and 3 male volunteers for North Star High School’s new club.
9/19 Ashland ministry has been developing a student leadership team. Pray that God uses these young leaders to transform their school.
9/20 Pray that God would gather a strong team to serve the staff and students at Culler Middle School.
9/21 Pray for God to provide connected volunteers who take ownership of investing in students’ lives at Mickle Middle School.
9/22 Pray for Eldon to have boldness to share the Gospel with kids and staff at the Juvenile Detention Center.
9/23 Pray that the new club at North Star High School would start well its first year and for God to bring10 students to Christ through North Star’s program.
9/24 Pray for God to bring at least 20 students to every club at East High.
9/25 Pray for vision to see what Lincoln High School’s leadership team should look like this year.
9/26 Pray for 10 strong and growing small groups to be running at Lefler Middle School.
9/27 Pray for God to develop a solid student leadership team at Waverly of at least 4-5 juniors and seniors, meeting regularly, going deeper in the Word, and reaching their peers in love, grace, & truth.
9/28 Pray for revitalization in Campus Life high school ministry.
9/29 We have really struggled at Norris this past year. Pray that God would soften the hearts of administration and fill the students with His power.
9/30 Pray for Kent. This is a boy who became a believer while in the youth detention center and is now serving a longer sentence in Omaha. Eldon continues to meet with him through Juvenile Justice.
10/1 Pray that Chelsea will continue to speak boldly as she walks alongside students through their first two years out of high school in our Alumni Leadership program.
10/2 Pray for Evan and his team to be able to reach more kids and dedicate more time every week at Lincoln Southeast.
10/3 Pray for a successful student leadership team at Northeast with students that are committed to Campus Life and sharing its message with their peers.
10/4 Pray that God would bring together a great group of volunteers at Lux Middle School that are passionate about sharing the love of God and are eager to see the advancement of the Gospel in these students’ lives.
10/5 Waverly High School is considering a Campus Life program (Point Break) as part of their anti-bullying program. Pray that God would make this a great fit for both entities.
10/6 Pray for upperclassmen to step up and be ambassadors for Campus Life in their school.
10/7 Pray that God would establish Campus Life as a positive, life-changing presence at Culler Middle School.
10/8 Pray that Jason would be a rock at Lincoln High that students can lean on through difficult times.
10/9 Pray for God to bring club attendance to average 25 students weekly at Norris.
10/10 Pray for the JJM club ministry we are running on a weekly basis.
10/11 Pray for God to provide the financial support so that the part-time and interns all get paid this year.
10/12 Pray for 10 strong and growing small groups to be running at Goodrich Middle School.
10/13 Pray that God would soften the hearts of students and make them acceptant of Christ and the Gospel message.


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