2011 Mission Update

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Dear Friends,

There is a strong sense of anticipation at Youth for Christ right now.  A change in leadership, launching a focus on at-risk students, nine new interns, a recommitment to reaching lost kids, relaunching several new outreaches, and a renewed commitment from financial partners; all are building a sense that God is doing something great.

Each week at our staff meeting we share stories of those who are hearing the Great News of Jesus Christ for the first time—kids growing in their understanding of God’s story, students finding solace in an escape to camp, young men and women behind bars in the juvenile detention center who turn their lives to Christ…and many more. All of us are humbled to be used by the Lord in some of the darkest areas of our community.

As you look through this booklet, please know how much we appreciate your faithful investment in the ministry of YFC Lincoln Area. Your stewardship of the gifts the Lord has given to you speaks highly of your commitment to His Kingdom and your desire to make Lincoln a better place for all. When our staff and volunteers walk onto a local high school or middle school campus or into a jail cell we don’t walk alone—you are there with us through your financial partnership and prayers. Thank you!

We’re very excited to see how the Lord will continue to use Youth for Christ in 2012. I hope you’ll continue to be a part of this growing, life-impacting ministry.

We are truly blessed by your partnership. Here is a link to our 2011 Mission Update.

/uploads/default/Yearend Book Appeal 11-10-11.pdf

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