18,000 Kids

Posted on by YFC Lincoln

This school year approximately 18,000 kids will never set foot into the doors of a church in Lincoln, Norris, Ashland, and Waverly.

That means that 18,000 students will totally miss out on the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ because they will never have a youth pastor shake their hand, they will never go on a trip where the Gospel is presented, they may never have someone sit down with them and share the . they definitely won’t hear about Christ from their teachers whose hands are tied by legal systems…

Who will tell these youth about Christ?

You Will

You will walk the halls of the public schools. You will attend basketball games and musicals. You will walk into jail cells. You will sit down across the table from a student and share about the life-changing grace offered through Jesus Christ. You can take the Good News of Jesus Christ to those 18,000 students.

But We Don’t Have the Time

We know you may not physically be able to do all this because of work, health, or family. But each time you pray for or give to Youth for Christ you are doing that. You are empowering volunteers, college students, high school students, and staff to develop relationships with students and point them toward Jesus Christ.

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