Current Openings

Juvenile Justice Ministry Chaplain

Imagine how it would feel to be 12-years-old and in jail. Imagine how the mom of a 14-year-old would feel knowing her middle schooler is sleeping behind a 100-pound locked cell door. Imagine desperately needing someone to offer hope, to show you a different way of living. 

We aren't looking for someone who is scared of the darkness. We are looking for someone who effuses the light of hope in the darkness because Jesus is alive inside you. We are looking for someone who will go into detention centers, facilities, and the state juvenile prison with one purpose – to set teens free, free from the bondage of sin and shame by the power of Jesus' name.

You do not want to talk about what the student has done, but you do want to talk about what Jesus has done for them and what the student can become: a child of God living in the freedom of Jesus' good plan for them. That’s why you want to join this team.  You want to impact teens whom much of society has given up on. Each day you will walk through the security systems of jail and meet with teens -- sometimes it will be one-on-one, other times it will be in groups or in a Bible Study -- and you will love them where they are and believe in who they can become.

Target Start Date: Winter / Spring 2019
Classification:  15-20 Hours week part time. Schedule is able to match your availability, but we need your to maintain the same schedule week in and out.
Location: Primarily Nebraska Youth Corrections in Omaha, but will often frequent Lancaster County Youth Services Center in Lincoln as well.
Skills: An excellent listener, passionate about your relationship with Christ, courageous, willing to sit knee-to-knee with felons, wise.

Please complete the Employment Application
or call Matt Schulte (402-420-7475) for more information.


Campus Life Director (Full Time)

Imagine how it would feel to go through high school without a crew to hang with. Imagine having no one to sit by at a football game or no one to laugh with over ice cream. Imagine desperately wanting an adult you can trust speak truth into your life because it feels like your life is spiraling out of control. 

We aren't looking for someone who wants to win a popularity contest; that will sidetrack you. We are looking for someone who is passionate about loving teens as they are, where they are, without judgment or condemnation. We aren't looking for someone who has all the answers; that's not your job. We are looking for someone who shares the love and truth of Jesus in every encounter. 

As a full-time Campus Life Director, you will get the chance to reach every student in an area high school or middle school with the Good News. You will lead a dynamic team of volunteers in this same mission. Many teens don't want to come near a church which is why we go to them. The teenage years are a crucial time in everyone's life; it's a time when you desperately need to hear about Jesus Christ and a time when you're most open to His message. Join us in reaching lost kids during this crucial time. 

Skills Needed: Christ-follower, relationship-builder, teachable, energetic, compassionate, team leader, outgoing, selfless.

Salary commiserate to experience and talent. Participation in fundraising is required for this position.
Target Start Date: Summer/Fall 2018
Please complete the Employment Application

or contact Tyler at Youth for Christ (402-420-7475) for more information. 

Campus Life Leader (Part Time)

Are you a college student who works part time but is sick of flipping burgers? What to have a REAL impact on Lincoln teens with your time? Can you have fun with teens but also speak truth into their lives? Ever thought about going into youth ministry but not sure where to start?

Then this might be the place for you… but no bones about it… it’ll be hard. You will hear teens share very difficult life circumstances. You will talk to a kid for the fifth time and they may pretend like they have never met you. But you will be willing to do it for the sake of the Christ's love for each of these kids.

Target Start Date: Summer/Fall 2018
Please complete the Employment Application
or contact Tyler at Youth for Christ (402-420-7475)  for more information.