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Campus Life Leader (Part Time)

Are you a college student who works part time but is sick of flipping burgers? What to have a REAL impact on Lincoln teens with your time? Can you have fun with teens but also speak truth into their lives? Ever thought about going into youth ministry but not sure where to start?

Then this might be the place for you… but no bones about it… it’ll be hard. You will hear teens share very difficult life circumstances. You will talk to a kid for the fifth time and they may pretend like they have never met you. But you will be willing to do it for the sake of the cross.

Target Start Date: Fall2014
Please complete the Employment Application
or contact Matt Schulte at Youth for Christ (402-420-7475)  for more information.



Are you a college student or young career adult with a passion for reaching lost kids for Christ? The internship program will equip you with the skills and experiences you need to reach lost kids for Christ. You will work with one of our seasoned ministry veterans, recieve regular training, and develop relationships with lost kids to point them toward Christ.

Internships are available on a school year basis or over the summer. Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on willingness to participate in fundraising.
Target Start Date: Fall 2014

Part Time Applicants are welcome

Please complete the Employment Application or contact Chelsea Marine at our office  (402-420-7475)  for more information.


Campus Life Director (Full Time)

Know how to have fun with teens? Are you able to walk into a room full of teenagers and make friends? Can you hear a teen share about a bad decision they have made and speak truth into their life? Then you may want to join our Campus Life Team.

Teens desperately need to hear about Christ. They are at such a crucial time in their lives. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about teens and reaching them with the Good News. As a full time Campus Life Director you will get the chance to reach every student in an area high school or middle school. You will lead a dynamic team of volunteers who move together to reach teens for Christ.

Skills Needed: team leader, learner, energetic, Christ-follower, passionate, willing to walk into a room of teenagers and make friends.

Salary is commiserate to experience and talent.
Participation in fundraising is required for this position.
Target Start Date: Summer 2014
Please complete the Employment Application
or contact Matt Schulte at Youth for Christ (402-420-7475)  for more information.